Winners receive shopping vouchers worth K500


ESSAY competition winners from 19 schools in Lae, Morobe, received K500 stationery vouchers to shop at Theodist Stationery courtesy of United Nations Women (PNG).
The competition, based on the theme the Covid-19, was the initiative of Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture company to help prepare grade eight students in Lae for their national written expression examination. Over 3,696 sat for the competition.
Two students who scored 98 out of 100 were Lindie Laga of Tent City SDA Primary School and Mesulam Tonny of Buimo Road Primary School.
The other three in the top five were De’Colla Damagu of Igam Primary School, Wato Frank of St Paul Primary School and Limah Hambura of St Patrick Primary School.
Buimo Road head teacher and chief marker Catherin Tobem said the initiative encouraged students to prepare themselves for the written expression exam.
It was also to make awareness in their community.
It helped the students to get ready for the national exam.
Joanne Ganoka, the UN Women (PNG) interlocutor based in Lae, said: “UN Women really played a key role in making sure that the Covid-19 awareness reach all the schools through this essay competition and not only that but we ran the Covid-19 awareness trainings for the principles and the teachers for all the schools.”
Nineteen schools participated in the competition.
“UN Women is so happy and proud to be sponsoring the first prize for those who came first in each of the schools,” Ganoka said.
“What a better way than get the students a gift voucher from the stationery to encourage, help and strengthen them in their learning process.”