This cattle herd often frequent Goroka main market every day.
They cause traffic jams, disrupt market vendors and school children.
The herd were seen scavenging for food at a pile of rubbish near the temporary Goroka main market at the North Goroka-Busu Coffee bus stop near the Raun Raun Theatre yesterday.
Pigs, stray dogs, horses and even humans have scavenged food at that pile of rubbish.


  • It is a shame to see cows, horses, pigs and dogs in Goroka Town often. It is very rare case to see all those animals in the vicinity of the provincial administration (Goroka Main Market) unlike other centers in PNG. Can the authorities do something to impound these animals and owners be fined?
    We have recently pretended to seal off the potholes in Goroka town for the PM James Marepe’s tour and the animals are back again on the street. Come on EHP leaders and the provincial administrator, stop pretending and do something.

  • This isn’t the first time various media highlighted this issue. Why is the provincial administration – including political leadership. the town authority, the health division and other responsible sectors turning a deaf ear and blind eye on this.
    People, we in the 21st century and going beyond. Goroka supposed to be one of the best places to live in. Let us all play our bit to make it the place to be.

  • its an ongoing issues in the eastern highlands province, our leaders are pretending as if their is nothing wrong . its show how stupid we are. its a challenge to all of us

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