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A DOCTOR has described the injuries he saw on the body of a young woman allegedly caused by her partner as “an inhumane act” and the “work of the devil”.
Dr Sam Yockopua, the country’s chief of emergency, condemned the “inhumane act of violence” on young mother-of-two Jenelyn Kennedy whose lifeless body was brought to the Port Moresby General Hospital on Tuesday.
“She was already dead. It looked apparent that she had been through a living-hell – a slow, deliberate painful death,” he said.
“It was obvious that she had been tied forcefully, her hands and feet showed all features suggesting how strongly the ropes were tied.”
Port Moresby police are questioning a man at the Boroko police station over the alleged assault.
Yockopua said imprints left by the rope were visible, with parts of the skin peeled off.
“Whip marks, skin cuts, bruises, scratches – you name it,” he said.
“They were all there from head to toe.
“A huge bulging at the back of her head due to blood collection suggested the head beating she agonisingly sustained.
“She must have asked him to speed it up but he took his time.
“The black eyes on both sides and blood collection at the back of the ears suggested a basal skull fracture.”
Yockopua said the “act of a premeditated act of torture to cause slow, painful death showed that this was the work of devil in a man’s body”.
He said he had just returned to work yesterday after a two-month break as the chief medical officer for Covid-19.
A father to daughters as well, Yockopua usually did not discuss cases which came before him.
But he felt that the degree of torture Kennedy had been through needed to be brought to public attention.
“As a father of many beautiful daughters, just seeing her ruined, lifeless, disfigured body was heartbreaking. I just felt that her story needs to be told,” he said.
Yockopua questioned why some men would treat women in such a way without resolving rows in peaceful ways.
“The torturous death of this young mother-of-two at the hands of a violent man must end the violence that our women and girls have been going through for so long,” he said.
He called for laws to be strengthened to protect women.
“Her death must not be in vain. I hope this becomes a wake-up call for authorities to put in tougher measures to end all forms of violence,” he said.


  • Please where are the POLICE???? Get to the bottome of this ill-mannered acts of violence and punish the culprit!

  • Violence is prevalent in PNG. Especially women,children and vulnerable people are main victims of violence. One of the very important ways to curb these illicit acts from continuing is to report the perpetrator to the police by the victim or eyewitness.Many times victims fail their responsibility to report to the police ,as a result they end up loosing their irreplaceable life at the hands of evil-mined people like just what has happened to our sister late Jenelyn. Very tragic to read such a horrifying story of a fellow woman lost her life due to violence. A very beautiful soul lost her life in the hands of an inhuman diseased-maniac husband. #JUSTICE FOR JENELYN# R.I.E.P Beautiful Soul.

  • I am truly sick to the depths of my intestines and my heart really torn to threads and bleeding. I am sitting here thinking of my daughters and other young girls and their future. It is up to me to make their world safe. I plead to all PNG men and our sons to make a commitment to uphold, treasure, protect and defend our wives, our daughters and our young girls and women and make our homes a safer place.

  • Very Very Sad indeed. Justice must prevail in this country. The Husband or Partner must face the full force of the law. May her Soul Rest in Peace

  • Such a cruel and heartbreaking story. I am so heartbroken and worried for all our beautiful young PNG women and girls. Man like him don’t deserve to be part of humanity.

  • The torture leading towards her death was shocking especially in PNG. Most torture such as this are usually related to Sorcery suspicouns in the society. The fact that the killer took his time shows no remorse for life, and enjoys it.
    Such act are found from people with psychological issues. The person proven guilty should be given the highest punishment of Murder.

  • Gender Violence must be taught in all school throughout the country atleast once a week for an hour or so just like religious education/RI. Teach girls about their values & how they should fall in love for the right reasons & not for money or fame. Teach boy’s about the value of a woman so they respect, love & work out differences.
    If we are ignorant to our young generation, they will be ignorant in the future.

    • Love and respect for each other starts from home in your house, your family , you mum and dad and how you relate to each other, how you speak and act with in your family. Parents are the solely responsible how they bring up their children whether you are a boy or a girl. The schools are secondary place for teaching violence towards other human beings.

      It is very, very sad and despicable for her to meet her death in such a very violent manner. I hope the government do something about this issue of Domestic violent and possibly have more shelter for women facing domestic violence constantly.

  • Violence is prevalent in PNG. Especially women,children and vulnerable people are main victims of violence. One of the very important ways to curb these illicit acts from continuing is to report the perpetrator to the police by the victim or eyewitness.Many times victims fail their responsibility to report to the police ,as a result they end up loosing their irreplaceable life at the hands of evil-mined people like just what has happened to our sister late Jenelyn. Very tragic to read such a horrifying story of a fellow woman lost her life due to violence. A very beautiful soul lost her life in the hands of an inhuman diseased-maniac husband. #JUSTICE FOR JENELYN# R.I.E.P Beautiful Soul.

  • Very sorry to loose someone very important in her family, especially her kids. Also we must not think of this earthly life only. There’s only two places to be after death so we consider now and prepare ourselves while on this earth.

  • The category of this gruesome murder is so disturbing in a whole new level and must be condemned outright. On the other extreme though I think it will appropriate to understand and know what might have provoked as a inhuman act of violence….

    • To understand what might have provoked what him killing her? She’s dead, even if there was a reason the young womans dead, she’s not here to speak up for herself.

  • A barbaric act that was obviously intentional. He deserves to go away for a long time, he is a monster.
    I hope our young women out there can learn to make wiser choices about who they decide to get into relationships with. Not all men are who they appear to be.

  • This idiot who committed this murder on an innocent young woman must not be sent to jail and fed well. He should be locked away in the darkest corner underground and never to see the light again. This evil act should end with him in total darkness as his mind is totally darkened to how precious one’s life is to every average humans. A real sad story to tell the next generation of young and innocent growing lives facing this already corrupted world.

  • Rivalry in Love..
    So sorry for the young woman to die like that.
    Death penalty should be given to the psycho who caused that.

  • Beautiful couples. Love at first sight. Now what? There is a reason for everything………..To single ones don’t charge the book by its cover. You might be getting a wrong apple. I mean rotten inside. Full of dead man’s bones!!

  • Our government should be very strict in the violence against women in order to mitigate such inhuman acts in our country, as a young man am really sorry for my mother and sisters around the country when such demonic acts are applying on them

  • Pls, government must lock this sort senseless long long man in the underground pit cell to prevent him from getting sun light and lock him up for life imprisonment. There are enough evidences and no need for court cases.

  • Why was she being locked up that way and being tortured? Why were the inlaws kept quiet and didn’t do anything or stop their son from torturing her to dead? The police needs to investigate it throughly and put behind bars those involved in the dead of this young lady.

  • Why don’t we see the father of her partner with his full name as well published on the front pages of our papers. PNG showed know who this evil murderer is. He thinks he is fit to ‘treat’ a woman like that? The only justice would be death penalty in the same way his partner died at his hands. Tie him up. Bash him, hit him, kick him from head to toe and leave him hanging to die in pain and agony. But unfortunately we are a democratic country that tries it’s best to respect human lives, except for some evil individuals like him. I hope he will at least be sentenced to life with hard labour and without parole. Society does not need such people.
    And to this beautiful young lady. You deserved better. So sorry that your life has been ended in such a cruel way.

  • I do not know what their situation may have been but when you get a girl to be your wife at the tender age of 14-18, she is your true love. She has nothing to think about but to raise your children and be your wife. Love her, treat her right every day until such a time you both are satisfied.

    All of a sudden things can change by external factors like family influence, man having outside marital affairs or wife doing the same. You need counseling in such situations immediately.

    If women you love doesn’t listen to you and keep doing the opposite, it now becomes a problem. It is not just an ordinary problem, jealousy comes and certainly one can lose his or her life.
    In grown-up marriages are totally different. They have experienced life before marriage so they can easily handle it it when problem arises.

    Parents need to teach their children to marry at the right age to avoid some of these problems.

    I was in such a situation and almost got into trouble. I feel for the young husband who now will live with pain knowing that what he did was wrong which he should have solved it easily if he sought advice and counseling.

  • It was so quick for the government to pass all other acts, legislations. So why not give the same focus, attention, resources, funding to fight against GBV, FSV that our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, women, girls continue to experience time and time again? Why do our women and girls and children have to suffer?

  • I wonder how the government is responding to this? Will we continue to see our sisters, mothers, daughters and fellow women of this so called Christian Country suffer such wild barbaric acts for so long?

    Hon. Prime Minister PLEASE DO SOMETHING!


    How would you all feel if that was your sister?

  • It will never stop because we have politicians and public servants so focused on stealing and looting the people’s purse. They have no concerns for the weak and vulnerable in our society. Pass laws now to protect our women. Death sentence for any men who kill and murder women in cold blood. It’s not just domestic violence, women are attacked every day in our streets because men know they can do it and not face any repercussions at all. Police FSV division are so weak and ineffective because they are just untrained and poorly educated to be of any good. Women must stand up and revolt against the real criminals; our politicians and governmental heads.

  • How old could be the person who did this devilish act? He could have been brought up in a broken home where there was no discipline. Hence, became totally possessed by the devil. No normal human being could have done an act of this magnitude. We could swiftly apply the capital punishment here. Justice must be without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy.

  • Don’t fall for the sweet talks. She was not even an adult when she was married to that looser. Sexual Jealousy was the main cause of such evil act.
    Marriage is built on Trust between both parties. The traditional/cultural form of marriage and the conservative (Church) way is no longer practiced by the Majority. The standard of marriage is not seen as sacred any more. Today’s marriage is redefined; now-adays, man and woman, teenage boys and girls lived together, and are called PARTNERS.
    No wonder, we will still be experiencing alot of domestic violence, marital problems and etc.
    Young people need good role models, unfortunately, most of the so called parents are even not great role models for their kids.
    The person that caused this evil horrendous act must be dealt with and face the full force of the Law.
    Lock him up and throw away the keys.
    May God help him.

  • I support Richard Gus comment. Our political leaders so concerned becoming millionaires and billionaires. So who cares about the bulk of people that mandated them. Death penalty is not wrong. it is a means of issuing Justice. How can you explain justice the same person does second , third … times. Why letting them still alive and giving them more chances and they become vulnerable.
    Few chooses to refrain but many don’t change and continuously does demonic acts.
    Please if those involved are caught, kill them right away, so two parties share the sorrow together. The family of the young mother of two plus the culprits family.

  • I fell pain in my heart, reading the Dr’s report, how barbaric people with no sense of humour .What a shame , he must be kill also so his kids will not be with him. This perpetrator doesn’t have a sister or mother, he must be killed by the brothers of the dead victim.
    death penalty must be exercise, blame who???– blame govt for not passing the law????– we call this country christian country,!!!! this act this person did to the victim is not in christian principle. Can we not call png Christian country and start call us terrorist country because we are doing what terrorist do to innocent people.
    He must be murdered as jealousy is written all over is face….he must be hang,,.. he must be hang….now, ?? Families of the victim remove the kids from him and take them far from their father… this piece of trash must not see the light… PNG lets stand against DV in our communities, many of your sisters/mothers will be next victim, we must do more awareness on DV….Sad story…

  • Underage marriage is illegal. Fullstop. Things like this happen when we good citizens say nothing and do nothings although we know that these is happening before our very eyes, families, friends, neighbours, we all sit back and say and do nothing until something like this happens and then we start coming out on social media saying we knew this was going to happen. PNG This must stop!!
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

  • Sexual Jealousy was the main cause of such evil act.

    The lady was too good for that asshole. He deserves the death penalty.

    if a woman is too good for your, guys dont push your luck, move on theres plenty of fish in the sea, you might end up in Sexual Jealousy at the end.

  • How can we rely on the Police when they barely do anything to help our fellow women and men. You confront aid from them and they write out OB numbers and ask you for your number so they can give you a call later. Unless you bribe them, they will sort you out accordingly. The Justice system is broken. We need more disciplined men and women in the Police workforce for produce fair justice for its citizens.

  • Man means being honest and loving. They care and defend. They let go if they love someone than violence. This is not a man. An animalistic in nature, mind and devil in spirited. Laws need to be amended to protect our sisters, and mothers so they are protected. This vulnerable group are always subject to men’s lustful desire and gratification.Over to Parliament.

  • Exactly like some murderers movies we watched before and now real thing happen in PNG.

    Please authorities give this murderer unlimited years in prison.

    Very sorry Jenelyne..

  • Can this newspaper or other news media or social medial platform also reveal the identity and other defining attributes of the suspected partner or husband and other accomplice involved in the horrific torture and brutal slaying of the young woman. It isn’t irresponsible journalism when your report on this matter gives prominence to the victim’s identity and grossly overlook the identity of the suspected perpetrators. The readers of National deserve better balanced news coverage on this issue so that public discourse generated on this platform must not only constitute emotional burst but also seen to bring scrutiny upon suspected perpetrators of domestic violence as a powerful way to give some voice to the voiceless and vulnerable women in our communities who continue to fell prey to domestic violence.

  • Murderers like him should be hanged.
    government should consider death penalties for such people.
    we cannot just sit back and watch animals like him live.

  • Hi everyone!

    This is NOT our culture of beating a wife to death. This practice is outside of our culture. Look at the background of the culprit. Cross-breed NOGAT HAUSMAN ADVICE.

    Em amimal ya…ol mas katim off nek blem bai orait!

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