Woman found dead next day after argument with husband


A MAN, 34, from Kabwum district in Morobe, appeared before the Lae Committal Court yesterday charged with the murder of his wife.
Kennedy Menao appeared before magistrate Tera Dawai accused of killing his wife Tambe Ninipera last month at their house in Busu Mountain, Muckim Poang Block, in Nawaeb, Morobe.
Magistrate Dawai told the accused that it was his first appearance in court and that police investigation was continuing so court would adjourn for two months, giving time to police to complete their investigation.
Magistrate Dawai told the accused that if the committal court found sufficient evidence, then it would commit him to the National Court for a trial.
He advised him to engage a lawyer and apply for bail at the National Court since the District Court didn’t have the jurisdiction to allow bail for any person charged with murder or wilful murder.
According to court report provided by police prosecutor Sgt Vincent Suakai, the incident occurred on May 2 between 10pm and 11pm.
On that night the accused was with his wife in their house and an argument took place and the couple fought.
Ninipera was found dead the next day in the living room by members of the community.
She allegedly had spotted bruises around her belly and the matter was reported to the police who arrested the accused.
The case was adjourned to Aug 3.


  • Such case of murder should not be allowed bail but let him stay until he appears in court. When a man is at the point of bashing/hitting a women who is weaker than him what do you expect. The man will show off his strength with force. These type of man should find a man to fight with to match his strenght and I bet you this particular man will match man-to-man challenge. Leave him in jail to appear for his hearing and send him up to Buimo. He does not deserve to live as a normal man after murdering his wife. Violence against women act should be looked at again. This is inhuman act and plain murder.

  • So true but what if she took her own life. There are two sides to a story. Most times we men hand up being the victim when our wives are the cause of the arguments. It seems there is no law that details men’s rights compare to women. The essence of applying law is to seek fairness by hearing both sides of the story/parties before a decision can be made. Please get evidence before a verdict can be reached. For now, he is not guilty until proven guilty.

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