Woman’s case transferred

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

COMMITTAL court Magistrate Cosmas Bidar has transferred the case of a woman charged with damaging property to the district court because it was not serious.
Bidar said the transfer of case was agreed to by the public prosecutor because the offence was not serious and it can be heard at the district court.
He told Apa Parunga, who was alleged to have damaged a vehicle belonging to a Shamiah Kari, that the public prosecutor had agreed to have her case heard in the district court and not in the committal court.
He told Parunga that the court had just received the election certificate from the public prosecutor on Wednesday.
Bidar told Parunga that her “case is set down for arraignment” when it returned to court.
He adjourned the case to allow time for Parunga’s lawyer to prepare submissions.
He said files would not be required for summary offences.
But the counsel would require a copy of facts to obtain instruction for the arraignment process.
The case was transferred from the Waigani Committal Court to be heard at the Boroko District Court on June 27.
Bidar told Parunga to return to court on June 27 for mention at the Boroko District Court.
He told her not to go to Waigani Committal Court because her case was now transferred to Boroko District Court.