Women getting recognised

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The National, Monday November 11th, 2013

 Women are the backbones of their families and communities. They manage their homes and ensure that their families are fed, healthy and clothed, a banker says.

National Development Bank Women in Business programme relationships manager Janet Kaule said it is becoming recognised worldwide that women are good managers, and NDB acknowledged this.

She told participants at NDB’s road show in Kiunga that the National Development Bank was the only bank that had a women’s desk that has assisted women start and grow their business. 

She said last year the programme was given a funding of K25m, which the programme was tasked to lend to 200 women. She encouraged the women of Kiunga to become part of the programme. She encouraged the women to think big but start small. 

She said the savings culture within the country was really poor, and encouraged the women to start saving.

First ever client to NDB’s Women in Business, Susan Monda, challenged the women gathered to quit putting their concentration just on their families, but to open their minds to other activities.

She encouraged the women to open their minds.