Women meet to celebrate

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday 26th March 2013

 WOMEN in East New Britain gathered at Vunapope last weekend to commemorate National Women’s Day.

The women began the day with a march to Vunapope diocese hall and discussed issues that affected them in the province and throughout the country.

Provincial women’s council president Alice Pawa told the large gathering that their movement started through girl guides and women fellowship groups.

She said gender equality was not new and that Tolai women were fortunate as East New Britain was a matrilineal society.

“We are fortunate in the province, we come from a matrilineal society and our men folk support us well,” Pawa said.

She added that despite this, there was a high rate of rape, sexual abuse and violence in the province.

Community development adviser Christine Masiu reiterated that gender equality was everyone’s business.

“We all have come together and  participate to achieve gender equality,” she said.