Women softballers name 17-member squads

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The National, Monday 25th March 2013

 THE Pacific MMI Port Moresby women’s softball squad is fine-tuning as they near the National Championships in Kavieng later this month.

Association president Jenny Paak said the team was privileged to have been supported by PMMI with K10,000 to help both teams.

She said the team would travel to Kavieng on March 28.

Competition resumes after the Easter Weekend on April 6.

The two teams, PMMI POM Gold (Team 1) and PMMI POM Black (Team 2) consist of experienced players selected from the eight POMWSA clubs.

After weeks of intense training, both teams have been cut down to the final squad of 17 players each in the hope of brining back glory from New Ireland..

PMMI POM Gold: Trudy Simba, Nicky Simba (Stingerz), Natalie Petali, Milcah Xkenjik, Siloru Zale, Georgina Mautu (United Sisters), Quandalyn Vinim, Antonia Kinit, Joyce Inguba, Lisa Polum, Nadia Bais, Dianne Gideon (Bears), Hazel Schulz, Dessie Loniu, Kate Uvia (Chebu), Navasha Pilak (Gazelle), Addie Tamti (Wantoks). Head coach is Titus Kambiu, Mechtil Raymond as assistant coach and Bernadette Uruna as team manager.

PMMI POM Black: Matilda Moe, Elley Arek, Margaret Parom, Farapo Sevese (Wantoks), Hennie Warpin (Wolves), Talitha Tarasomo, Francine Malum (Bears), Elizabeth Hugo, Dulcie Simba, Tessa Karai, Lennore Simba (Stingerz), Dessie Mormor, Carol Moeder, Florence Daple, Niateng Pokanau (United Sisters), Fransica Raphael (Admiralty), Ensie Simitap (Chebu). Head coach is Suluet Tarasomo, Silas Zale as assistant coach and Josephine Daple as team manager.