Work together to end violence


VIOLENCE against women happens for a reason.
Women should understand that it is their attitude and behaviours that trigger violence.
Some women need to change their attitudes.
Their actions, dressing and how they talk influences how they are treated.
Some women get beaten up because they are unfaithful to their spouses .
Others often experience sexual violence due to the hesitation of having a sexual relationship with their partners.
Women are not generally physically strong, but their words have power to either build or break men. Some women who disrespect their partners with foul language are often abused, or even worse, killed.
We should accept the fact that we are nearing the end times and people’s behaviours have changed.
Moral decay has crippled humans and we are heading for a disaster.
It is time men and women respect each other. We should stop blaming genders and start respecting each other.
Despite the global community having bad picture of Papua New Guinea, we still have an obligation, which is to end violence.
Collaborative effort from both genders will help reduce violence.

Justin Max Undi,