World in chaos


OUR world is in chaos.
Murder is a major offence against life and dignity of human persons.
In a week we have many news of murders.
In the USA, a gunman shot dead four people and injured many others in a ranch in North California.
The gunman had prior reports of domestic violence.
In Africa a few military officers from the USA were gunned down in Niger.
A North Korean army defector was shot but was reported to be recovering at a South Korean hospital.
Australia is celebrating a dramatic vote to legalise same sex marriage.
Babylon, Sodom and Gomorah are closer than we think.
Power is abused by leaders everywhere.
Without power our leaders would be nobody.
An example is Zimbabwe where president Mugabe’s firing of his deputy and elevating his wife to be his deputy is the worst abuse of power.
It is immoral and unethical for the president and his deputy to be in power and share marriage secrets in the same house.
The Zimbabwean military might have taken over power but leadership without moral and ethical visibility might need a reminder.
We see Revelation 18 and 19 coming to pass.
In God we trust.