Writer urges use of textbooks in schools

Lae News, Normal

The National – Friday, February 11, 2011

A LOCAL writer and publisher of school textbooks has urged the government and Education Department to make use of books.
Lippy Ng Jiram has written and published five textbooks which are all in line with the Papua New Guinea syllabus and context.
The books, Single Entry for Book Keeping – first and second edition, Book Keeping for Small business, Students Work Book, Buk Bilong LikLik Bisnis, both in English and Tok Pisin .
His third edition of Single Entry for Book Keeping and the English version of Buk Bilong LikLik Bisnis, have already been compiled and ready for publishing.
The publishing was done by the UBS Publishers and Distributors in India.
Jiram, in his early 50s, from Mitzing village, Kaiapit in Morobe, said he was still seeking help to publish the Introductory Accounting for Upper Secondary Schools, second edition of Student Work Book and the third edition of Single Entry Book Keeping for Small Businesses.
The books, Jiram said, were compiled to match the PNG education syllabus and should be encouraged by schools.
He said the government should not look too much on importing school text books “when we have books onshore that are prepared to suit our educational context”.
Father of four grown up children, Jiram is currently teaching Grades 11 and 12 accounting at Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School in Lae.
Jiram said NGO groups had bought his books to use in their programmes. He is calling on the Department of Commerce and Industry and district business development divisions to do like wise.
He said his text books were commissioned at different times since 2006.
Jiram hopes to make an impact in helping to educate little people into running their own little businesses.
“We have a problem of managing our finances and these book are meant to help in that area,” Jiram said.