Yame games going strong after 16 years

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The National – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THE family atmosphere was evident at the Yame sports tournament last Friday at the Kiamunga Sports Oval in Eastern Highlands.
The annual games, which unearthed sportspeople like Nime Kapo and Bernard Noibano is into its 16th years this year since its inception in 1995.
The tournament was initiated by Ben Sapu, a senior Yame villager.
The competition was aimed to bring together family relatives and friends.
The games played in the tournaments were rugby league and volleyball.
Other games such as soccer and basketball would be included as soon as sporting facilities were improved.
The games had been gladly embraced and supported by the Yame people of Daulo district.
Inspite of  not having corporate sponsors for the games, the games were staged every year and certain well-to-do Yame villagers take the initiative to fund the games.
The games started in 1995 as a way to get tribesmen and women together.
The teams competing  in the tournament come from Sipiga in Goroka, Watabung and Yameyufa in Daulo.
Officials at this year’s games believe that the games could go on to new heights if a proper sponsor  was secured.
An official,  Tony Koyangko, added that the sports field needed to be levelled and standard volleyball and basketball courts should be built.