Yawari wants fresh poll to elect new leader

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FORMER Southern Highlands governor Hami Yawari has called for by-election following the appointment of Governor Anderson Agiru to the Hela Transition Authority as its deputy chairman.
Mr Agiru’s appointment was endorsed by Cabinet.
Chairman of the authority is Tari-Pori MP and Education Minister James Marape.
Mr Yawari warned that if there was no by-election, he would take out a Supreme Court reference.
“Mr Agiru must also make up his mind, whether to take up the post as deputy chairman of the authority or remain as governor.
“Whatever his decision, he must remember that his appointment was by Cabinet,” Mr Yawari said.
“He cannot be Governor of Southern Highlands and, at the same time, be deputy chairman of Hela.
“Concentrate on Hela and leave Southern Highlands alone; our people have suffered enough.”
It is understood that Mendi MP Isaac Joseph has been appointed acting SHP governor.
While congratulating Mr Marape and Mr Agiru on their appointments, Mr Yawari also urged Mr Agiru to voluntarily resign and allow for a by-election.
Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen said the question of Mr Agiru holding two positions was outside of his jurisdiction and he could not comment.