You have lost the plot, Lutherans told

Lae News, Normal


THE Evangelical Lutheran church has been urged “to go back to the basic and focus more on evangelisation” than on church business or any other issue.
Speaking to more than 3,000 delegates, observers, and spectators of the 27th National synod of EL-CPNG yesterday, Finschhafen MP Theo Zurenuoc challenged the church to make evangelism as its priority for the future.
“I feel that the department of evangelism or Good News in EL-CPNG must become a priority for the church,” Mr Zurenuoc said.
He also challenged  delegates who would be making decisions about the running of the church to make note of evangelism as a priority.
“Evangelism, I believe is the heart and the main reason for the establishments of Lutheran church in the country by the missionaries, not its business, Kambang Holding, or electing of bishops among other things,” he said.
Mr Zurenuoc called on  delegates and those that gathered that missionaries in the past had the aim of bringing the word of God to the villages and did not emphasis on making business or electing bishops among other things.
Therefore, he called on the church to assist the department of evangelism in providing human resources training to its pastors and laymen so that they could be able to stir the Lutheran members in the right directions.