Youth need role models, lecturer says

John Kamasua

YOUNG people who waste their time on social media or on the streets tend to find purpose if they have a role model to look up to, a university lecturer says.
“Every human being has the potential to do something great with their lives and if young people find their purposes or are directed to the right path, they will do something great that will contribute to the country’s development,” John Kaupa Kamasua, social works strand leader and lecturer at the University of PNG, who is leading a book project that has a collection of successful stories of Papua New Guineans, said.
The book, Eight million possibilities, compiles stories of triumph and excellence from Papua New Guineans around the country and abroad.
Kamasua said he came up with the idea to start the book project in 2018.
He said story collections had been done and a committee was set up.
“The aim of the project is to change the mindset of people because when people change, the society change and that would ease a lot of social problems that we face,” Kamasua said.
“Story telling is still considered as one of the most effective ways of bringing across messages, inspiring people and selling ideas or concepts.
“A child from remote Karamui, Telefomin, Kaintiba or Baining will read the stories from the book and be inspired.
“A youth completing college or university education will read the stories and see themselves doing something with their lives, by developing confidence and self-belief.
“Everyone’s life is a gift that is meant to be shared with others.”
Kamasua said success stories of Papua New Guineans would have more impact if they were shared to the younger generations.