Team in Enga to train teachers on early childhood learning


THE Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) training team is in Enga to conduct teacher training for teachers from 10 schools in the province.
This was made possible after Governor Sir Peter Ipatas requested early childhood development (ECD) training from BbP.
Enga early childhood education coordinator Robin Lakari travelled to Port Moresby in January to meet with BbP executive officer Leanne Resson to organise the training.
According to BbP, its teacher training programme covered principles of ECD, effective teaching strategies, phonics, lesson planning, classroom management, observation and assessment, child protection and inclusive education.
Lakari inspected the materials BbP had developed for the training, as well as the curriculum and teaching aids to be used by teachers in the classroom to improve education outcomes.
He said the curriculum materials documented by BbP were the best to implement in early childhood learning.
Lakari said he recommended the provincial government purchase the materials and hire BbP agents to run the training in Enga.
“The teaching and learning materials are perfect and can actually produce quality results when used in Enga,” he said.
“Our provincial government agreed that the BbP curriculum for early childhood could be used in the province pending the Education Department’s production of one of its own.
“I have no reservation to admit that the (BbP) materials are the best and if possible, can also be used in the country.”Resson said children were fortunate to have teachers who had access to training, quality teaching aids, meaningful books and educational materials and would perform better than poorly trained and unsupported teachers.
“Children who have access to a quality early childhood education will perform even better, as the child will have set the foundations for memory and learning.”