Youths call on provincial govt to help

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The National, Monday April 20th, 2015

 YOUTH leaders in Morobe are calling on the provincial government to support the youth skills training in the nine districts. 

Ward 4 youth president Daniel Danny said the provincial government must look into youth programmes in engaging, transforming and using youths in any activities that involves services and changes.

“Youths are very powerful and can be used in anything you aimed at staging or delivering in the communities,” Danny said.

“My ward area is receiving the youth skills training but I am worried that youths outside of Lae electorate are not receiving such skills training. This is for the betterment of one’s life and the transformation as a whole in communities and nation. 

“You can divide us under the political boundaries but we do communicate outside of the boundaries to operate effectively to stage or deliver informal activities. Why not use our links of unlimited boundary communication to train and deliver basic services to the communities?”

He was referring to the youth life skills engaged by Lae MP Loujaya Kouza with Ginigoada business development foundation.

The training had so far covered 23 ward areas in Lae urban and is going into the second and third phase of its programme.

Lae district youth president and Ginigoada programme development officer Don Savi said the district would not support the programme in year 2017 but the corporate sponsors, like Digicel Foundation and City Pharmacy Group Foundation, are continuing the support beyond.