Association backs ban on poultry

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The National, Monday April 20th, 2015


THE Poultry Industry Association (PIA) has supported the National Government’s move to strengthen the country’s bio-security in line with international standards.

PIA president Stanley Leahy said the association was in support of the notice by Agriculture and Livestock Minister Tommy Tomscoll last week to ban import of poultry products from Australia.

Tomscoll had said Australian television station Imparja had broadcasted a documentary highlighting that a bacteria which causes campylobacteria in humans was widespread in poultry and poultry products in Australia. Tomscoll said: “Having considered the danger of campylobacteriosis – and in the light of the on-going case of Newcastle Disease present also in poultry products from Australia … all uncooked poultry products from Australia are hereby banned immediately.”

Leahy yesterday stressed that the entire industry (poultry) is at risk if our bio-security standards are not improved. 

He said: “There are between 40,000 to 60,000 small hold farmers who are associate members of the PIA.

“The small and medium enterprises sector alone is conservatively estimated at over K400 million and engages over 35,000 family SMEs.”

In 2012, Papua New Guinea’s poultry industry was worth approximately K750 million.

“The Government has recently initiated two independent reviews on the importation of poultry products. These include a bio-security and economic review. 

“In line with the precautionary principle, PNG has the right to implement a temporary ban on uncooked poultry products until the reviews are complete. 

“It should be noted that the same standards are already implemented by our neighbours in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji,” Leahy said.