Youths commended for peaceful celebrations

Highlands, Normal

The National –Wednesday, January 5, 2011

 By James APA Gumuno

Kunabau chief leader in Chimbu’s Kerowagi district commended the youths for a trouble free Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Peter Par told The National yesterday from his Mingende village that for the first time his people celebrated the festive season peacefully.

Par said in the past youths drank homebrew and caused all sorts of problems, especially during New Year.

He said families never settled down well and lived in fear.

However, he said the mindset of the youths changed and they seemed to forget about their bad habits.

Par said that in the past the section of the Okuk Highway between Koronigle and Nend bordering Kundiawa/Gembogl district was well known for its criminal activities like hold ups and looting of container trucks but this had stopped.

He said after the youths from Wangla Gena and Narku tribes participated in Kunabau off-season rugby league starting last November, they kept 

themselves busy in the sports.

“I want to thank the youths for showing their maturity by maintaining peace and harmony during Christmas and New Year,” he said.