Youths quit marijuana

Lae News, Normal


YOUTHS in Buang, Bulolo district of Morobe province, last Saturday surrendered marijuana plants and promised village leaders that they will refrain from taking drugs and abusing alcohol.
The youths from Tokanen village located in Ward 15 of Buang LLG apologised to villagers, who included small children and elders.
Ward councillor Yakam Nalai and church leader Noki Kalem commended the youths for stepping up which was a good example to the younger children and teenagers.
Mr Nalai warned that if they were caught cultivating and smoking marijuana, they would be taken directly to the police.
Some of the young men who surrendered said it had been very difficult to look for a better means to earn money than selling marijuana.
However, they added they had realised that this was not the right and honest means of earning money because there were many other options available.
They had pledged to work together with leaders and involve themselves in sports and church activities to keep their minds off drugs.