Youths volunteer to clean Lorengau

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 19th, 2012

CATHOLIC youths in Manus are offering to clean up Lorengau town weekly while carrying out awareness campaigns about tuberculosis. 
The community service is the outcome of meetings between the Manus provincial TB advocacy communication and social mobilisation team and the Catholic Association in Lorengau to involve youths in meaningful activities.
Two clean-a-thons have been carried out so far in Lorengau in conjunction with TB awareness messages and the distribution of pamphlets.  
Provincial TB advocacy communication and social mobilisation coordinator Emily Meren said the clean-a-thon received positive feedbacks from the public.
“Some people commented that some of the areas that we cleaned have never been cut and cleaned before, with piles of rubbish and overgrown grass and it was a very good initiative.  We had bystanders join in,” Meren said.
The clean-a-thon is a volunteer programme directed by the upcoming Bishop of Lorengau Catholic Association, Fr Dominic (Dean of Manus) to have youths clean up the place.
The national TB programme donated 10 TB T-shirts as part of the awareness.