43 inmates baptised during crusade


Fourty-three inmates from Bomana Prison with Prison Commander Kiddy Keko and Chaplain Laini Pilai were baptised after a crusade last week. Altogether 528 gave their lives to Jesus.
Pastor Peter Dege, of The True Church of Jesus Christ of PNG, said Bible teaching and preaching has changed the livces of many inmates.
“This was a second baptism while the first was two months ago where 39 were baptised.”
Pastor Dege, who was also a Bible teacher, told The National that they were planning to make Bible lessons a permanent part of the rehabilitation programme in the prison.
He said Bible lessons and preaching changed the way prisoners think and most of them live as Christian life.
“The Bible training was focused to teach the inmates to read the Bible themselves and live as Christians,” he said.
“Many people do change when they are touched once but they fail and fall to temptations when they don’t read the Bible and understand it well.
“Hence, training was important part of their Christian life.”
“This would enable them to strengthen their faith as Christians in the prison so that when they come out, they live a good Christian life.
He said commander Keko and chaplain Pilai were excited because they have always prayed for the inmates to reform while the prison.
“Bible teaching and preaching is needed to be conducted in the prisons for the change of the lives of the prisoners for better,” he said.

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