A total waste of funds

Letters, Normal

The National

OUR hope for a better future for our children and grandchildren one day is still a long way off. 
There are so many problems affecting our livelihood and we want the Go­vernment to address them immediately.
But the attention in recent months has been mostly about the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen and what we will tell other world leaders about our stand on REDD.
REDD is only one aspect of a complex multi-dimensional global phenomenon.
Since the start of this month, many critics have accused the Copenhagen delegation of not being fully prepared for the conference. They are right.
The PM and his men seemed to have forgotten the position of our Parliament and the Opposition’s stand on climate change including other national strategies to come up with a good bipartisan paper for Copenhagen. 
There was no need to send such a big delegation when half a dozen people should be sufficient. 
It was gross and morally wrong for the Government to burn millions of kina for this conference. 
As expected, there was no satisfactory agreement between all countries. 
The whole agenda will be put off to next year.
As such, there was nothing to show for the K8 million said to have been spent on the conference.
This is a total waste of funds.
The money could have been used to alleviate the life of our poor suffering people.
Our women have been crying out for a cancer machine for years. 
Teachers, nurses and the general work force need a good pay rise to meet the ever rising cost of living. 
PNG’s national security is appalling and needs to be beefed up.
Despite PNG’s rich natural resources, many families do not have three square meals a day like our politicians or the delegation to Denmark.
With a tough year about to end, the people could do with some spare money to enjoy a nice “Christmas roast”.
We need new blood come 2012.

Reginald Renagi