Address stereotype


THE recent killing of George Floyd in the USA is making headlines across the world.
We are all the same regardless of race, colour, religion, fame, fortune or which part of the world you come from.
Each and every one should have the same rights.
But it’s a very unfair world that we are living in.
Not everyone is treated equally.
There are divisions among people within a country or between countries.
You do not have to look far, we have divisions in Papua New Guinea.
Nepotism (wantok system) is one thing that exists in PNG that we cannot deny.
Some people say that they prefer working with coastal people than the highlanders because coastal people are easy to work with (not true).
It will be good to have a good mix in your organisation.
PNG is so unique we have so many cultures which is the source of our strength.
Thus if your organisation has a good mix of people from the four regions of PNG, you have the upper hand than a competitor who employs people from the same region.
Each region have their own way of solving a problem, if you have a good mix of employees from different region they might come up with a better way of solving a problem.
They give different perspective or opinion which helps the management to decide which opinion is the best way forward.
Let us all be proud Papua New Guineans (We are One People, One Nation and One Country) and be fair to all our wantoks. It starts in our country before we treat people from other countries with fairness.

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  • Apo, you are absolutely correct. The only organization in which I have seen true unity exist is within one particular fellowship group in this country. We need that kind of unity and oneness in every society and every organization in this country.

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