An outrageous and reckless move

Letters, Normal

IT is not a surprise to see the PNG Government buying a fancy Falcon jet because a handful of leaders like to treat themselves as royalty at the expense of the suffering people.
The decision to buy the jet was not only outrageous but reckless as we do not have the means to maintain it.
The need to show off when we do not have the means show we are a sick society.
I have seen corruption everywhere in PNG until the extent I get scared as our society is no longer safe because we abet and accept corruption as a norm.
It is not only corruption but other forms of crimes as well.
We have a chronic attitude problem embedded within our psyche that we never condemn or condone corruption. 
We think our richness in natural resources will continue to sustain us without consequences.
We are mistakenly underestimating the influences of our actions in shaping the future.
The purchase of this luxury Falcon jet clearly portrays the corrupt society that we are creating by our own wealth from natural resources.


Lucas Kiap
Port Moresby