App confusing people


THE application Tiktok is becoming viral in the PNG social media space.
People are using it in ways that are unimaginable.
In doing so they have appeared to, in many ways, demoralised themselves.
One of the main reason for using this application is the amusement ability it has along with the widespread viewing it attracts.
By taking heed of its ability, social media users tend to forget about who they really are.
In most cases, if not all, you will see that, inclinations of people (especially man) in those videos are contradictory to their gender which can make someone to think whether this person is a he or a she, or the person is just confused.
Tiktok users should have in mind who they really are before making videos in order to avoid people confused about their gender.
However, if Tiktok was meant for such confused genders than fine. My bad!

Confused Mangi

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