Attack on Exxon contractor appalling

Letters, Normal

THE developer and operator of PNG LNG project, ExxonMobil, faced a sad day when its contractor’s (CCJV) camp was raided with some heavy machineries torched by landowners.
The majority of the project landowners condemn such appalling behaviour.
The police must hunt down these people and let them face the full brunt of the law.
This is an act of terrorism of the highest order.
In the Melanesian custom, it is the landlord who looks after the interest and welfare of an invited friend who has been allowed to settle on our land to assist in wars, bride price payments, build houses or make new gardens.
We, the landowners and the state, invited Exxon to make new gardens which when harvest time come, will benefit everyone.
Finally, we urge the company to use reasonable force to curb corrupt and outright criminal elements.
This project is here to stay and must be delivered.
Disgruntled landowners cannot put this project under threat as this will not serve the interest of PNG.
In a worse-case scenario, Exxon may have to construct and deliver this project under heavy security operations.
Whether this is in breach of the IFC principles or Exxon’s operating culture, this is PNG and, therefore, this is the only way to go as not every Tom, Dick and Harry will be satisfied and contented.


Hides, Hela