Menyamya MP is still sleeping

Letters, Normal

ON behalf of the silent majority, I would like to highlight the failure of the Menyamya MP to bring basic services or address the social issues and sufferings we have been experiencing for many years.
Menyamya has about 68,500 people who struggle to make ends meet.
We are beginning to wonder if and when we are going to see development projects at all.
We are also questioning the whereabouts of the K10 million DSIP funds that was allocated by the government to each MP.
So far, the MP has not explained to the people of Menyamya how he used that money.
The roads, foot bridges, aid post, health centre, DPI, police station and schools are deteriorating.
Menyamya is located on the southwestern border of Morobe and shares the border with Eastern Highlands and Gulf.
It lies over the main mountain divide of PNG with the Tauri River flowing south to Gulf and the Watut River flowing north.
The district is handicapped economically due to its remoteness from markets and lack of arable land for agriculture.
However, there is a road link from Bulolo to Aseki and all the way to Menyamya.
But the people in the district still have to travel for eight to 10 hours before they get to the nearest service centre.
This has resulted in a high death rate, particularly maternal and infant mortality rate compared to other districts in Morobe.


Waks Imea