Baki urges MPs not to seek police support

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POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki has appealed to MPs not to solicit support from police officers.
Baki said MPs should respect the constitutional responsibility of the police force.
“I appeal to all leaders to respect the neutrality of police and not to engage members of the police force for their political agenda,” Baki said.
He also warned police officers to stay out of the on-going political row between MPs as Parliament begins today.
“Our political leaders must be allowed to freely and without any undue influence exercise their constitutional duties,” Baki said.
“Leaders should not be hijacked or forced in any situation. As policemen, our role is basically to provide a safe and secure environment.
“Manning the gates at the locations where our elected leaders are camping should be the responsibility of private security firms and not police.
“Policemen are also not allowed to provide escort as well, as this paints a bad image of the constabulary and casts doubt on our neutrality as a law enforcement organisation.”
Baki urged people in Port Moresby to allow the leaders to make decisions free of any undue influence or threat.
“I have directed that more than 1,000 police personnel be deployed in the streets of Port Moresby to ensure peace and order is maintained in the period leading up to the much anticipated vote of no confidence. I am issuing a warning that trouble-makers will be severely dealt with.”