Basil playing politics


MY view is to the letter ‘Basil and O’Neill by V B Andrias’ (The National, May 22).
I agree with the writer outlining what has been voiced out by Sam Basil, witnessed by the Morobeans absorbed by the public during the campaign period in 2017.
Let me say something about that great young emerging leader of such calibre.
The entire nation knows that Basil is the straight and sharp shooter, the man who had truly go against Peter O’Neill’s leadership in the beginning.
At present, Basil visibly lost respect from the people of Morobe and also Papua New Guinea because of his switch to the current government led by his political enemy.
For me as a young citizen of this country, I see Sam Basil as one of the best politician in this country.
I regard him as my role model in PNG politics.
From my own point of view, I presume and believe that Basil is playing a smart and intelligent political game.
Basil’s political game plan execution is still on so at this point, we the people of Papua New Guineans don’t have to judge him of why he joins the government.
Monitor this trend, we all know that, prior to 2017 election, Basil spent 10 years in opposition fighting corruption for the good of this sovereign state and he is very vocal in accusing and removing Peter O’Neill for mismanaging this country’s economy.
Unfortunately, his will and courage’s stand against corruption fighting can’t win any favour.
Another chance Basil grasped to oust O’Neill was the last VONC, again with no avail, he and the then opposition leader Don Polye were outnumbered during the last VONC.
O’Neill became a successful finisher during the last term of parliament.
Basil’s efforts for the last term trying his best to change the government and get rid of the man we all see as his political enemy as come to an end in the 9th parliament.
What was the next option left for Basil to set his platform to topple O’Neill?
Being a smart thinker, he resurrected one of the oldest and pioneer political party in this country which is Pangu Pati.
Pangu Pati, being a household name sprung as wild fire especially in Morobe winning most seats.
Basil’s aim is to see Pangu Pati endorsed candidates win most seats, not in Morobe alone but other constituencies as well so that he can form the next government.
Again he was unsuccessful with less number of candidates entering the 10th parliament and that makes him luckless and he end up in the opposition rank.
All available options has been exhausted and with little or no choice, the last thing he did, he joins the government.
Many people lost trust and confidence in Basil’s leadership was solely because of his switch to the O’Neill-led government, the man he campaigned against.
My word to those who have mocked Basil and think otherwise, the reason why he join the government led by his enemy remains a mystery.
In any game, smart coaches design workable game plan, execute and become a winner of the match at the end.
Grace period of this 10th parliament had lapsed and we are now heading into a VONC period.
I wish my role model leader stand by his words and his current Melanesian Alliance (MA) team will cross the floor of parliament to the other side of the house in the last dying minutes by utilising their pure conscience and team up with like-minded leaders of the alternative government in which some of them he himself had created (Pangu Pati) and form the next government.
My last say will be game over.

Hanam Bill Sandu,