Political parties


YESTERDAY (May 23) marked the day 45 years ago when Territory Country Party was formed in 1967 but more so it’s separation from Australia in 1974 as the vision of an independent PNG was envisaged.
On that day in 1974, Michael Pondros, MP for Manus, announced the philosophy and the 10 point policy of the Country Party and its separation from Australian Country Party on the floor of Parliament with 10 MPs and to be led by Sinake Giregire as the leader.
Despite the turmoil today in our political parties history it also shows the resilience of pioneer parties on the floor of Parliament such as Country Party, PPP, United, Pangu, Melanesian Alliance and National Party have to come this far and to be the leaders and beacon of hope for PNG.
It is a timely call to all political parties to declare their ideologies and policies alignment and decide on the destiny of PNG.
Apart from calling on PNC to realign its coalition it is also a call on the pioneer political parties to forge and lead the way with the experience and the foresight into the session of Parliament.
Further all pioneer political parties must rally against abuse and misuse of the Constitution we have been entrusted to bring into the country in 1974 with independence in 1975.
We must all stand to protect the Constitution and the Parliamentary system we established and Country Party stands to support our own history and practice on the floor of Parliament.

Nelson Duwabane