Bazz Cup organiser calls for payments

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The National, Thuresday 12th January 2012

NOKONDI Bazz Cup president Benny Kene has called on teams participating in the Eastern Highlands off-season rugby league competition to pay their affiliation fees.
The competition went into recess for a few weeks during the festive period and resumed its normal competition last week.
But the problem of non-payment of affiliation fees has reared its ugly head and the president wants it sorted out before the finals commence.
Kene said yesterday more than half of the teams playing in the competition had still to pay the K400.
“These teams are not sanctioned because they have not paid their affiliation fees and if the message continues to fall on deaf ears their games this weekend will be forfeited.
“And that does not mean teams will be withdrawing from the competition because that will be against the  rules of the competition.
“The teams still have to pay the fees so that the competition can finish successfully,” Kene said.
He said the onus was on the club presidents to put their house in order so their respective teams in the A and B grade division would not face disappointment.
Kene said he was happy with the competition so far with the completion of round nine last weekend.