BCL driver for self-rule, independence


BOUGAINVILLE Copper Limited (BCL) was the driver for self-rule and independence for Papua New Guinea.
The economy of PNG was very much dependent on the revenue generated from BCL.
Realising the significance of the contribution of BCL to rest of PNG, Bougainvillians opted for autonomy and as a consequence, the provincial government system was established in 1976.
This was to transfer some powers from Waigani back to the provinces.
Multinational corporations come to exploit and leave.
The situation was made worst by bad government policies on resources and landowner benefits.
This gave birth to the Bougainville Crisis.
It is history but so long as the story is told to the next generation, the memories will live forever.
Referendum for full independence for the people of Bougainville is near.
As is commonly said and known, I wish to make these assumptions as a ‘redskin’ who lived in Autonomous Region of Bougainville for one year and made several trips recently.
I see three scenarios unfolding for AROB not in any particular order.
If the results of the referendum are against independence for AROB, there will be a civil war.
If full independence is granted, Noah Musingku and his Mekamui army will take over the government.
If Rio Tinto, the culprit behind the crisis pays compensation and if not distributed fairly over AROB, another civil war.
United we stand, divided we fall.

Kere Frog Kantri