Be tough on lazy teachers


IT is frustrating to learn that some teachers of a secondary school are not attending class.
This school is in Moresby South.
It is frustrating because some students spend money to travel long distances just to reach the school.
My son, who attends this school, spends about K20 everyday to reach the school because he lives far.
I have two daughters attending a school at Waigani as well and it is challenging for me.
We are sacrificing so that our children could get an education, but teachers aren’t doing their jobs.
Why is that?
This school is located in the nation’s capital.
It is expected to perform well, but it is not.
As a fellow teacher, I appeal to the National Capital District’s education division and the school to get tough on lazy teachers, especially the one teaching senior grades.
We are doing our part to ensure our children get somewhere in life and we expect teachers to do their part as well.

Frustrated Parent,
S Lupain,
Morata 2