Beware of mobile phone scams

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to alert the public about certain mobile phone scams that are becoming common in Papua New Guinea.
I received a text message on my mobile phone saying that I am a winner of Nokia mobile promotion draw.
The prize was a Nokia E90 mobile phone and also £497,653 and I was given their contact details (phone number and email). I was told to follow up on my winning prize.
My brother and one of my friends also received the same text message.
I followed up and contacted the sender of the text message on the email and the conversation went well for a while.
After all the email conversations, they referred me to a bank in England and when I contacted the bank, they told me that they are aware of my winning prize and the money is with them and ready to be transferred to my account.
Before I can get the money, I am required to pay certain transfer fees.
They told me the amount of the money to transfer and some forms to fill and send it back. 
I filled the forms, scanned them and sent it off. 
I asked them about the mode of sending the fee and they told me to send it through Western Union.
They gave me the name of an officer to send the money to.
I sent the money over and now, four months later, I am still waiting for my prize money.
I tried to follow up but all my emails went unanswered.
I tried calling but every time I tried to enquire, they hang up the phone.
My money has gone down the drain.
After doing some research on the internet on the name of the bank in England, the “officers” involved and the email addresses, I found there was no such bank and the website was a fake.
I have learned a lesson and I want to alert other Papua New Guinean not to be a fool like me.
Just ignore such text messages if you receive them. Don’t waste your time and money.


BBI mudman
Via email