Book project rejected


AS a freelance writer I approached one of the high offices in the land to seek funding assistance to get my book of short stories published.
I was advised that there was no funds to help me.
The question now is whether money paid as hotel bills, airfares and expenses, domestically and internationally, by this high office and its delegation is more important than helping the publication of my interesting book of short stories.
It is a slap in the face for a poor writer as me to receive an unexpected answer which I wasn’t expecting from a most high office that I placed all my hope on.
It would be as sin for this office if it takes another overseas trip or pay another lot of hotel bills.
This is a waste of money which could have been spent on a worthwhile cause like my book.
Over to you my countrymen and women to consider which is more important, the hotel bills, airfares or my book.

Paul Minga

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