Brothers get 13 years each for killing relative

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THREE brothers from Madang were jailed for 13 years each for the manslaughter of their 52-year-old relative on Sept 15, 2006.
The siblings, Essau, Derick and Melchior Kapus, were found guilty of manslaughter by Justice David Cannings last Thursday.
Justice Cannings said two of the brothers inflicted fatal wounds on the deceased’s head by using a tommyhawk and by punching him in the head.
The other sibling whipped their relative with a rubber hose.
“Two of the brothers were juveniles at the time (aged 17 and 15) of the crime, whereas Melchior, though having a lesser degree of involvement, was an adult.
“They are brothers and they all have the same background and similar aspirations, so it is appropriate to impose the same sentence on each of them.”
Justice Cannings ordered the trio to serve their jail term in the Beon Correctional Institution.