Bus driver expresses concern over non-compliant passengers

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A BUS driver in Port Moresby says it is hard to force passengers to wear masks when they walk in.
It is one of the measures put in place after the lifting of the 14-day restrictions.
Driver Mark Duma of Nebilyer in Western Highlands told The National yesterday that they were doing their best to comply with the orders given but it was up to the people to cooperate and follow the rules as well.
He said they could only do so much in ensuring that passengers complied but they could not force them to wear masks.
“We are providing service, and with Covid-19 here, they must also wear masks for their safety, as well other people’s safety,” he said.
Bus driver Gordon Wilimbu also of Tambul-Nebilyer said he was wearing a mask himself to set an example.
Bus stop wardens from the Pacific Corporate Security at Tabari bus stop said there was no sign of the Road Traffic Authority enforcement officers yesterday.
They were present there only to ensure public safety and stop petty crimes.
RTA chief executive officer Nelsomn Terema said enforcement units had been sent out to make sure bus operators were following the new rules.


  • Thank you bus driver. Please maintain this health measures moving forward. Lead by example and tell your passengers to comply or otherwise look for other PMV.

  • Then refuse them to enter the bus. No mask no ride. Simple as that. That’s what people do in other countries.

  • Driver and bus crews are have all the rights to refuse and report passenger not wearing masks. This driver must be lieing. I see lots of bus crews still calling out at main bus stops for passengers and over loading and then they take short cuts to avoid police and RTA officials. RTA officers too are not at bus stops.

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