IT centre opens campus on Manus

Youth & Careers

THE IT Job Training Centre has opened a campus in Manus to allow students and professionals to further their studies in information technology and business.
Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin said at the Lorengau campus last week it was an important step in providing skills training and development for young people in the province.
“This is an important achievement in terms of human resource development in the province,” the governor said.
“I urge our people to make use of the training facilities that is available here at our doorstep.”
Centre managing director Sunny Sun said the campus would provide most of courses offered at other campuses.
“We provide competency-based and job-orientated training programmes,” Sun said.
Sun said it provided students employment opportunities.
“The ITJTC does not only train student but also understands the purpose of student training and take necessary steps based on the resources and opportunities available to ensure they get employment after their training,” Sun said.

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