Chamber marks Independence Day with renewed commitment


PAPUA New Guinea Chamber of Mines and Petroleum marks another Papua New Guinea Independence Day with renewed commitment to the future growth of the country.
The industry has been contributing well to the development of the nation’s human resources, economy, infrastructure and improving thousands of communities’ living standards, said the chamber in a statement.
President Gerea Aopi said he was proud of the resource industry’s contribution to nation building.
“The resource industry has invested in developing PNG’s economy, so it can compete and thrive on a global level,” he said. “We are extremely optimistic about the expansion of existing projects and the development of new ventures which will deliver the country further economic growth.”
The mining and petroleum industry has invested millions of kina into providing local communities with access to health centres, schools and roads which have opened up opportunities for thousands of men, women and children in the country.
During the February earthquake, which ravaged parts of the Highlands and left thousands of people and communities displaced and devastated, the resource companies supported the government by providing relief assistance to the recovery effort.
“The resource industry is committed to supporting local communities under any circumstances with the aim of leaving a positive, lasting footprint,” Aopi said.
“Our community programmes are focused on delivering tangible benefits like better health, education and infrastructure that improve the day-to-day lives of local communities.
“With the support of the government and the people, we believe the sky is the limit for this great nation.
“Congratulations, Papua New Guinea, on our 43 years of Independence, and best wishes for many more years of prosperity and good fortune.”

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