Change starts with you


WE just saw the United States of America elected their president-elect Joe Biden.
It’s interesting how people went into protests and supporters of President Donald Trump said that the election process was not fair.
On the same token, we in Papua New Guinea, when it comes to elections, the country lose some lives during elections.
We are conditioned to think that those elected will change our lives.
That is true but only to a certain degree.
Change starts not from outside but from within.
If we want to see real change, we have to make a decision to change and be the change.
Let us not expect others to change us.
Sadly, in our country, ballot boxes and papers reach the most rural parts of the country but not basic services.
It’s up to you as an individual to be the change your community and your country needs. As former US president John F Kennedy said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
If we expect others to change so we can change, we may wait forever.
Change starts with each of us.
If you want to further your studies, study to the best of your ability.
If you dropped out of school and still want to pursue your dream, find a school to upgrade and push on.
If you want to travel the world, save up and do so.
If you want to be an advocate for change, wake up and make it a reality.
The fact remains that you are the only one who can decide to change yourself.
Never let someone else control your destiny.
If you want your country to change, be the change.
If you want your family to change, be the change.
If not you, then who? If not now, then when?
Success begins where blaming ends, so stop blaming and start changing yourself for a better tomorrow.

Glen Burua