Choose the right partner


THE people we live with can either help us reach our full potential or destroy us.
It is important that we associate ourselves with the right people.
This is one of the principles of success.
Many academics, scholars and learned persons have emphasised more about association with the right people for success.
One of them is Brian Tracy, a top professional speaker and trainer in the world today.
Brian said: “Everything in life and business is relationships.
“Everything you accomplish or fail to accomplish will be bound up with other people in some way. Your ability to form the right relationships with the right people at every stage of your life and career will be the critical determinant of your success and achievement and will have an inordinate impact on how quickly you achieve your goals.”
In line with this principle, one paramount relationship is marriage.
Marriage is life-long.
So how we live and interact with our spouse may either help us accomplish things or fail to do so.
For this reason, we should choose the right partner.
Young people must choose well.
They must prepare for marriage, choose the right partner and tie the knot at the right time.

Kenny Pawa