City league sides urged to make payments


THE Port Moresby Soccer Association’s Premier League will feature only two games at the Bisini Soccer Grounds on Sunday, says competition manager Paul Karambi.
Karambi said out of the eight teams, only five had been faithful with the affiliation payment agreement and have nearly completed fifty per cent of their dues.
“Three teams — Momase, Maclaren and Cosmos — are behind on their payments,” he said.
“That’s why they’re not going to play this weekend.
“The five teams that have completed almost fifty per cent of their payments are Mungkas, Keleiruna, PS Ruts and University Inter FC.
“We want teams to understand that on game day, the association pays about K3000 for venue hire and when you multiply that by 18 to 19 weeks, it’s very expensive.
Karambi said there were three deadlines — July 13, Aug 13 and Sept 13.
“If teams do not comply with this deadlines, the most likely result will see them out of the competition.”

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