Colorbond fence, razor wire illegal in city, says city manager

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COLORBOND fencing has already been outlawed in the National Capital District (NCD) since 2006 and the National Capital District Commission is now enforcing this policy, city manager Bernard Kipit says.
Kipit told The National yesterday that under the NCD fencing policy, Colourbond fencing was outlawed since 2006 and NCDC enforcement unit had been enforcing the policy but the delay this year was due to a lack of funding.
“NCDC has been enforcing removal of razor wire since 2017,” he said. “We are now commencing removal of Colorbond fences and we won’t except excuse from anyone.
“Awareness on the illegality of the razor wires and Colorbond fencing has been going on since 2006 and the public should be aware of it.
“We are now enforcing that policy.”
Kipit said the policy applied to all parts of the city, including the suburbs but the focus was along main roads and arterial roads.
“It applies to every suburb and household within NCD,” he said.
“We are currently targeting main roads and arterial roads and will move to suburbs and other areas next when the funds are available.”
When asked why some of the Colorbond fences along main roads within the city were not yet being removed, Kipit responded that funding was needed to enforce the policy.
He said residents and business houses needed to consider alternative fencing.
“We have completed removing restricted fences on major arterial roads in city limits, including the business houses,” he said.
“Property owners should know that Colorbond is a chalkboard for graffiti and razor wire poses a threat to people.”

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