Come down hard on unregistered colleges

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 17th, 2015

 THIS letter is response to an article that appeared in your paper’s letters section dated 13th of July, 2015 on “enrol in approved teachers colleges” in which the Provincial Education Director (PED) for Jiwaka Province commenting on the unregistered teachers colleges appearing as mushrooms in Jiwaka Province.

In supporting the PED for Jiwaka I’d like to call on relevant authorities to be weary of such unregistered private institutions as the quality of training provided is questionable and in most cases entry level of students who end up in those unregistered teachers colleges are way below the IQ level required for teacher training. How can a person with low IQ level who does not speak and write proper English impart knowledge at the required level to his/her students?

Proper Elementary and Primary Education is very vital for our children to begin their education. If we let teachers who graduate from unregistered teachers colleges get into the teaching service, PNG will end up in some years down the line with partly educated citizens. 

Twelve years down the line we will be having students passing out of grade twelve who will not even spell simple English words correctly and write in English. 

How can they even enter universities?

The consequences of having these unregistered teachers colleges appearing like mushrooms everywhere in the new province will be far damaging in the future. The people who setup these unregistered teachers colleges should be held liable for:

I. Setting up an institution without approval from relevant authorities.

II. Enrolling students who do not meet the requirements for teacher training, therefore will be producing graduates who will do irreparable damage to the education of our children and the education system. It’s a CRIME.

To the relevant authorities, please come down hard on those unregistered teachers colleges and shut them down before they do irreparable damage to our children’s education. 


A. Malam

Pt Moresby