Concern over road upgrade


I WRITE in regards to the Taurama by-pass upgrading of the existing two lane road from Tuna Bay to the beach junction.
To our Moresby South MP, your decision for the upgrading has caused an uproar to those of us living by the road as we will be drastically affected.
You have instructed or given direct orders to surveyors, accompanied by police personnel, to invade our privacy and install tickets to mark the boundary which by force is now allocated for this road upgrading.
Have you seriously considered how this will affect our lives with our children?
We purchased land from the landlords, dug so deep into our pockets to build our homes from scratch, and now you expect us to pull down our homes, shatter our dreams so to speak.
On the other side of the coin, the landlords have been quiet about this issue. It seems they (landlords) must have been handsomely compensated so as not to interfere with this out-of-hand upgrading.
You have done a splendid job in upgrading roads in your electorate but the amount of land area you are demanding is just ridiculous.
All that needs to be done is to upgrade/re-seal the existing two lane roads, water pipes installed with drainage and a sidewalk/footpath on either side.
A 7m corridor from the centre of the existing road is more than enough. The roads leading into Pari and Vabukori even Hanuabada are classic examples of what can be done.
So Justin Tkatchenko, we kindly ask you to please re-consider this, especially the surveyed markings into our homes.

Concerned Victim

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