Law and order issue


THE alarming rates of law and order issues in Wau is affecting social and economic advancement, and posing everyday risks on people’s liberty of mobility.
Bryan Kramer and his office are kindly advised to visit the two police stations and inspect all outdated and current cases and files.
And also check whether or not the high profile cases been dismissed needs re-visitation.
The principal indicators of corruption such as nepotism and exchange of money under table are deemed to be possible after thorough inspection was done.
Problems of on-the-duty amenities for police personnel’s to be mobile such as transport, food rations, uniforms, firearms and remuneration packages should be addressed.
Our good and hardworking police personnel hardly fight and mitigate law and order issues by virtue of problems aforesaid. Establishing work incentives for them would be of great assistance and impetus for good work performance.
It is somewhat advisable for Brian Kramer and his office to probe the Wau and Bulolo town authorities for town’s action plans for development.
Also check and eradicate unauthorised and illegal settlements occupying state leases, and revive and encourage development.
This is raised on behalf of the people and police personnel’s behalves for immediate consideration and action.

Davies Manoah

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