Cops: Remove settlements


POLICE have urged the Government to get rid of squatter settlements where people cannot peacefully live together, and to also stop them from living in ethnic groups.
Police commander for the National Capital District and Central, Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Wagambie Jr was at the Vadavada settlement in Port Moresby where a man was killed, another injured and homes burnt on Tuesday.
“I reminded the people that the police had remained there throughout the night to stop any more fighting,” he said.
He also reminded the people that the country was in the middle of the mourning period for Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.
“I also reminded them not to take the law into their own hands and resorting to violence,” he said.
“They should report to their community leaders and Police for intervention and attendance. I told both sides that this must not drag to other parts of the city. They were told that they are living in a city where this sort of behaviour is not tolerated.”