Covid-19 almost reaching its end


THE world has suffered badly during this Covid-19 pandemic but recovery from infection since has since March from 19 per cent to 66 per cent over six months.
The mortality rate has improved from 7 per cent to 3.3 per cent currently.
This is an assurance that Covid-19 is easing off and heading towards its end.
In PNG, we are very fortunate not to have suffered the same fate as other countries.
At 480 odd cases and five deaths, ours is manageable.
Our carelessness in not adhering to protocols and Government directions will attract a potential outbreak.
For a country with limited resources, money and manpower, we are very fortunate not to have a high infection and motrality rate.
We hope to maintain this trend until the world is declared free of this pandemic.
We can do well in PNG and avoid casualties.
We can do so by respecting each other’s role, taking care of the old and the needy, and adhering to Covid-19 measures until all is clear.
Bravo PNG!

Gerard Saleu

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