Crime in Kimbe still on the rise


SINCE June, authorities in West New Britain have been enforcing a court-ordered eviction from the Bialla District Court.
The eviction was the result of the increase in armed hold-ups, robbery, pick-pocketing, and smuggling of guns within and outside the province.
It was pointed out that settlements (Cherries, Kumu Garas, Section 21 and 27) were the breeding hub to most of the worst and notorious criminals in Papua New Guinea.
Because of this, the West New Britain government managed to evict settlers and sent them to their home provinces.
However, in several palm zone areas in Kimbe, especially Bivussi, Tamba, Kapore Goango and Sarakolok, there are groups of criminals moving around at night stealing from families and trade stores owners.
Teachers’ houses at Kapore Primary School were invaded and valuables were stolen.
The criminals even attempted to rape a female teacher.
The same group is suspected to have done the same to two trade stores opposite to Kapore market signboard along the Hoskins Highway.
It appears as if these groups maybe the worse than those evicted from the settlements in Kimbe town.
I am calling upon the Government and the authorities within the West New Britain government to get this issue solved before it gets out of hand.
Do something.

Xman Kolbe